Ways to avoid illness as COVID-19 and flu cases surge

Amidst the surge of COVID-19 and flu, there are ways you could avoid being infected


COVID-19 continues to linger across the globe and is now accompanied by California. A number of residents are getting sick, more because of the weather conditions. Many of them are severely sick and need to be hospitalized. The condition is interrupting with the everyday life and hampering holiday plans. COVID-19 and flu is spreading but there are ways you could remain safe and immune. Here we will be discussing about a few steps that you could follow to protect themselves from the ongoing COVID-19 and flu surge.

  1. Get vaccinated – Make sure that you have taken all the doses of your flu and COVID-19 vaccines. There are also updated COVID-19 booster shots that provide better protection from the Omicron variant. Eligible residents should make sure that they get themselves vaccinated and include all the doses.
  2. Wash your hands – Make sure that you maintain basic hygiene by washing your hands frequently. Many of the viral illnesses like RSV and flu spread through touch. Also make sure that you avoid touching your face too much. Coronavirus primarily spreads through air when an infected person sneezes or coughs.
  3. Spread awareness – There are many people who might still prefer going out even when they have flu like symptoms. You can at least urge such people to stay indoors and discourage them to go for events and outdoor activities.
  4. Test yourself before an event – If you are due to attend an event then you can test yourself with a rapid testing kit as even asymptomatic people could be infected. You could take the test as close as possible to the event.
  5. Wear masks – Experts and health officials are now warning to mask up while they are spending time outdoors or are with other people indoors.
  6. Exercise – Holiday period is going to be busy but you can make sure that you remain immune and fit by working out regularly. Also make sure to manage stress and get ample sleep.

Photo Credits: Unsplash