Advantages of sleeping with braided hair

Sleeping with long hair that is braided has its own advantages

braided hair

People who have long hair, often struggle with a number of issues like split ends and detangling that can take hours. But people who have the habit of sleeping with braided hair have a different story to tell. Women who sleep with loose hair tend to have tangled hair by the time they wake-up in the morning. This takes away precious time from their schedule and also leads to damage. Here are a few reasons that it is recommended to sleep with braided hair.

1. Helps to prevent split ends – Split ends can appear when you use harsh chemicals or by the way you sleep. Too much of blow drying can also lead to the damage. Braided hair remains in secure while you are asleep as it reduces the friction with the pillows.

2. Retains moisture – Loose hair that is left open can attract dryness. Dry hair can lead to damage but when it is braided, it helps to retain the moisture in the hair and makes it healthy and smooth. It also helps people who are facing frizzy hair issues.

3. It becomes easier to detangle – Braided hair in the night helps to keep the hair secure. It avoids friction and also avoids any tangles in the morning. This method also helps to keep the hair frizz free and smooth.

4. Helps to grow hair faster – People who wish to have a long hair can sleep with braids for faster growth. Damaged strands do not look and feel great and can affect the regular growth of the hair. Braids would mean less damage that can promote hair growth.

5. Helps to save time in the morning – Braided hair allows you to have smooth and detangled hair in the morning leaving you with less efforts to groom yourself when you are crunched with time.

6. Makes hair glossy – When the hair retains its moisture, it makes it appear glossy and shiny. Hair with braids retains some moisture making it feel smooth and lustrous.

Photo Credits: Pixabay