Experts recommended rules to keep hair clean and bouncy for long

Having a clean and bouncy hair is an indication of proper care given to it


Having a healthy, clean, shiny and bouncy hair is an indication that you maintain a healthy body. Each individual has a different hair type and people need to take care of their tresses accordingly. Here we will be discussing about a few tips given out by experts that will help to keep your hair clean and bouncy.

1. Watch the water temperature – While washing your hair, it is recommended that you take special care in terms of the water temperature. During the winter season, you might have the urge to take warm water for hair wash but that will only make your hair dry and frizzy. As far as possible use water at room temperature and if you have oily hair, then you can use luke warm water.

2. Shampoo type – There is a shampoo that is recommended for different hair types. For instance, dry hair needs gentle care while greasy hair would need a shampoo with oil-control wash. People who use hair color should use a hair color-friendly shampoo.

3. Pre-workout routine – Before you start working out make sure that you use a dry shampoo as it will help to absorb all the sweat during intense workout sessions. If you apply the dry shampoo post workout, it will not have any effect.

4. Change your pillow covers regularly – Pay attention to your pillow covers and change them regularly. If you have dry hair, satin pillow covers can be great as they help to retain the moisture.

5. Plan your hair styles – Instead of sporting a single hair style for the entire week, you can have a different one everyday. You can have a high bun, hair left open, hair tied in to a loose pony tail and more. Another trick that always works is you can tie your hair in a bun and then leave it open when you leave the house. This makes your hair look voluminous.

Photo Credits: Pixabay