7 Things that should not be kept under the bed

Under the bed storage space is common but there are certain things that should be avoided


One of the most important factors in the house is storage space. People who do not have adequate storage space at home, often have the urge to store things under the bed, which is one of the most convenient spaces. While certain things can be kept, but there are a few things that you should avoid storing. Here is a list of things that should not be stored under the bed.

1. Important documents – Important documents could include your certificates, birth certificate and more. It is inconvenient to take out these documents from under the bed and even burglars end to hide under the bed to search for valuable items.

2. Things that are used often – You can keep seasonal clothing, but things that are used frequently, should not be kept under the bed. It is one of the most inconvenient ways to fish out things on an everyday basis.

3. Unsealed clothing – Clothing that is not sealed or not kept in storage boxes should not be kept under the bed. It is highly recommended to keep the clothing sealed so as to protect them dust, mites and clothing moths.

4. Things that you might forget – There could be a number of things like Christmas tree ornaments or other décor items which if you don’t find, you can end up buying new ones and regret later that you have wasted a lot of money.

5. Heavy objects – Storing heavy objects under the bed can cause injuries when you attempt to pull them out.

6. Breakable items – There can be a number of breakable items like crockery or your favourite mug collection. You might hurt yourself or damage things when you attempt to move them.

7. Anything – decluttering experts have opined that the space under the bed should be kept free at all times or should be used to keep things that are well-organized.

Photo Credits: Pixabay