Tips to lose weight during winter days

Winter is a tough time to lose weight but a few tips can help to achieve your goals


Winter is a time when the weather cools down and gives your body the urge to have something that is nutritious and filling. Hot chocolate, brownies, donuts and cakes are consumed as a part of the holiday season and also leaves you vulnerable to putting on weight. Here we will be discussing about a few tips to lose weight even during the winter season.

1. Morning ritual – During the winter days, you can add some cumin powder in luke warm water on an empty stomach in the morning. Cumin is a healthy spice that keeps a number of health issues at bay. While it has a number of health benefits it helps to maintain your weight.

2. Have quinoa for breakfast – Quinoa is a cereal which is gluten free and helps people in weight management. Alternatively you can also consume oats. Both cereals taste good when they are added with vegetables. You can also have a sweet version by adding seasonal fruits and complete your meal with a cup of green tea.

3. Have ragi/jowar bread for lunch – For lunch you can have bread made from ragi or jowar flour instead of processed white flour. They can make a great meal when consumed with a bowl of fresh vegetables tossed with some olive oil.

4. Consume dry fruits for snacks – Winter is a time when you might feel the urge to snack unhealthy stuff like chocolates or fried stuff. The best and healthy alternative is to consume dry fruits. They are not just healthy but makes you feel full for a longer time and helps to keep a watch on your weight.

5. Consume cottage cheese – Cottage cheese is rich in proteins and calcium. It not just helps to burn fat but also keeps an eye on the weight regulating hormones. Cottage cheese helps you tp feel full for a longer time and cuts your appetite.

Photo Credits: Pixabay