4 Habits that can damage skin and lead to pimples

A few everyday habits can ne unhealthy for your skin and lead to pimples


The coronavirus induced lockdown was a time when a number of people found time to pamper themselves. Some indulged in cultivating their hobbies, while some indulged in hair care and skincare. Now that many people have got back to work, a number of the earlier habits continue to remain. However anything in excess can be harmful for the skin and could lead to pimples. Here are a few skincare habits that could lead to pimples.

1. Too much exfoliation – Skincare involves exfoliation that should be done not more than once in a week. If you end up doing this too often, it could damage your skin and lead to breakouts and pimples. The redness and inflammation can lead to infection and cause more of a problem to your skin.

2. Not cleaning your skin enough – While exfoliation helps to clean up the skin, no exfoliation at all can make things worse. People who have oily skin, should make sure that they exfoliate regularly. Excess oil can accumulate on the skin and regular exfoliation can help to get rid of the build-up. If the excess build-up is not removed the dirt can clog the pores and result in a break out. Exfoliate once in a week and wash your face with a mild face wash twice a day.

3. Sleeping with your make-up on – Make –up products clogs the pores and does not allow the skin to breathe. It could lead to breakouts on the skin. Before you go to sleep make sure you double cleanse your face by using a make-up remover and a mild face wash. Make-up products also contain a number of chemicals that can be harmful if left for a longer time.

4. Being harsh on the skin – One has to understand that our skin is delicate and vigorous scrubbing can only damage it and cause pimples. Be gentle with your skin and also identify if you have a sensitive skin and use skin products accordingly.

Photo Credits: Pixabay