Make-up products sale drops as women shift to no make-up look

Pandemic trends has forced women towards the no make-up look which has affected the products sale across the globe


The coronavirus pandemic forced majority of office goers to stay at home and created a work-like environment at the comfort of their home. As the trend continues even now in a number of countries and companies, the sales of make-up products have reduced drastically. It has been noticed that women are increasingly ditching make-up products after they shifted to a make-up free look. Even now when the number of lockdowns has reduced, the sales of make-up products continue to remain low as women are now switching towards a new trend to be natural.

A new data has suggested that the frequency of wearing make-up has reduced by a third. To further elaborate, the sale of red lip products has also fallen by 40pc. The data had surveyed 300,000 women across the globe and found that the habits of British women had changed dramatically than women in other parts of the world. Maya Zawislak, an analyst from the surveyor said that the manufacturers are going to struggle as they will have to work harder to get money.

To make things worse, a new trend has emerged that has seen celebrities posting selfies sans make-up on social media in recent times. The celebrities who have followed the trend include Jennifer Aniston, Tyra Banks, Michelle Pfeiffer and more, who have posted pictures of themselves without make-up. To take things further, the pandemic has also seen a change in the trend and pattern as to how women spent on cosmetics. Women during the pandemic spent less on colors and more on self-care, skincare and hair-care.

Due to the pandemic, the sales of the high-end and low-end cosmetics were severely affected as more women were working from home and not had to get dressed up or dolled-up for office, parties or other events. The sales were also impacted due to the prolonged mask-wearing mandate that continues to remain in a number of countries.

Photo Credits: Pixabay