5 Basic accessories that every woman should have

Here are certain accessories that can be useful under different situations and should be a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe


Women often have the best clothes and accessories in their wardrobe, but due to lack of certain basic things, even the best clothes sometimes become worthless. Here we will be talking about a few very small, inexpensive yet very important basic accessories that every woman should have in their wardrobe.

  1. Feet non-skids – Every woman has that one pair of footwear that they know looks beautiful when it is worn, but proves to be risky due to its flat bottom surface. Feet non-skids is a stick-on accessory that can be useful for people who wear heels. They protect the outer souls from the regular wear and tear and also protects from slips.
  2. Feet treats – These come as a pair of in-sole cushions and are made specially for those who, wear heels on a regular basis. Wearing heels can be a very uncomfortable experience, when you wear it for long hours. These feet treats which are in-sole cushions make the experience better and comfortable.
  3. Dress tapes – Women who love to wear dresses with plunging necklines, often worry about revealing a little too much while on the go. Dress tapes are there for the rescue and can be used to tape up the dress with the skin  and holds the dress in place so you could have a comfortable hang out.
  4. Wire savers – Lingerie can sometimes be uncomfortable especially at the shoulder straps and the wires that peek out. The wire savers are small heart shaped pads, which can be used at the straps on the shoulder and it could also be used to protect you from the wires the peek out.
  5. Silicon nipple concealers –Another must have accessory is the silicon nipple concealers for times when you are wearing thin bras. These nipple concealers provide the protection under any kind of bra or outfit and are convenient solution for such tricky situations.

Photo Credits: Pixabay