Benefits of Onion Oil for hair growth

Hair growth and hair problems are common and onion oil can turn out to be a total game changer

onion oil

Usage of onion oil and onion based products is currently in trend for hair care. More people are adopting onion products or are just indulging in the traditional way of using onions for hair growth and nourishment. Onions are the most common ingredients used in the kitchen and have its own benefits for health and now for the hair as well. One of the most effective forms of onions is onion oil which is great when massaged on hair and scalp.  Here we will be discussing about the benefits of applying onion hair oil.

  1. While shampooing, cleansing and eating proper diet provides good nourishment for the hair, including onion oil  gives your hair the extra dose of nourishment and also helps with frizzy hair problems.
  2. Regular massage with onion oil on the scalp and hair helps to increase blood circulation  and also provides the much needed conditioning to the hair.
  3. Onions are also a good source for sulphor that works as a component of the hair protein known as keratin that helps in hair growth. People who suffer from hair fall or hair breakage can use onion oil.
  4. Inion oil contains anti -oxidants, along with all the essential minerals, vitamins and more that could assist in  reducing problems like greying of hair. Moreover, regular usage can also help in improving the hair texture.
  5. It also contains anti-oxidants that work with some of the enzymes and prevents hair fall. The ingredient could also help in mild cases of alopecia.
  6. The ingredients that are present in onions are also helpful in prevention of oxidation of hair  and also helps to maintain the pH balance of the hair.
  7. It is a great remedy for people who are suffering from infections related to dandruff and also helps to improve scalp hygiene.
  8. You could also mix any other oil like almond oil or castor oil to improve its effectiveness.

Photo Credits: Pixabay