4 Hair myths you need to stop believing

Myths about hair that you need to know and realize about the facts

hair myths

Long, healthy and shiny hair is what every woman wants to have. It is not always possible to have a good hair day on an everyday basis. Many people struggle to keep their hair healthy and there are also a number of myths that are related to hair health.  Here we will be discussing about a few myths about hair health that you need to stop believing in.

  1. Hair oil helps to control dandruff – One has to know that dandruff is a condition that is caused by a fungus known as Malassezia that resides naturally on the scalp and feeds on oil. The fungus feeds on oil and leaves behind flaky scales as a residue which is known as dandruff. Application of oil actually aggravates it and does not control it.
  2. Hair oil is a cure for hair fall – While there is no doubt that oiling hair with a good massage helps with a lot of nourishment for the hair and scalp, but that does not mean that it will also help to cure hair all. Head massage with oil helps to increase blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. It can also be a good hair conditioner while dealing with tangles and frizz.
  3. NO amount of hair fall is normal – A number of people have questions about hair fall. How much hair fall is normal and how much is not. The fact is that hair fall with one to 100 strands per day is normal for an average person and that does not affect the density or hair volume.
  4. Biotin is the only vitamin meant for hair – Biotin does have its own benefits for hair but that alone does not help the hair to grow stronger and healthier. The body requires about 118 nutrients to function properly and the hair is no different. It needs to have combinations of vitamins for healthy hair.

Photo Credits: Pixabay