4 Crucial things not to be forgotten by the bride

Here are a few petty yet crucial things the bride should not forget on her wedding day


Weddings are always fun, but it could be a stressful time for the bride and the groom as they are going to be the centre of attraction and are going to be watched by people. This is a time when the bride might forget a few important things on the day of the wedding. Here we will be discussing about a few things that a bride should not forget to carry on the big day.  These are very small but crucial things that you could find handy and useful.

  1. Keep some cash handy – While your wedding day might be a fully paid day with the cake, photographers, decorations and food around you. But this is a time when the vendors and other service providers make sure that things are sailing smoothly and they would be expecting some tips. Carry some cash in your bag to tip people providing service to you.
  2. Emergency kit – Prepare an emergency kit exclusively for your wedding day. It should contain a bunch of medicines in case you suffer from nausea, fever or cold. The kit can also have sewing essentials with spare hooks and buttons just in case your outfit needs some repair. Also keep an instant stain remover to get rid of any stains caused by food when you don’t want to ruin your wedding outfit.
  3. A make-up robe – If you are getting your make-up done at the venue, do not forget to carry a robe after you put on the dress and before your make up. The robe will protect your wedding outfit from the foundations and sprays and make you look flawless.
  4. Appoint someone to pick up wedding gifts – This happens at many weddings as people are mostly busy in attending guests or looking after the other arrangements. Make sure that you appoint a person who would be responsible to collect all the wedding gifts and load them in to the car.

Photo Credits: Pixabay