5 Things that are expected to become expensive in near future

The number of issues has been reported due to the pandemic and would eventually make things more expensive


The coronavirus pandemic has slowed down a bit in recent times, but has left behind a number of problems that could lead to an unwanted price hike for a number of things. Some of the trending problems include labor issues, shortage of equipment, shipping problems and climate change. Here is a list of things that could lead to a price hike in near future.

1. Computers and other electronic items – Computers and all the other electronic items that depend on microchips for their functioning could become expensive. The world is currently dealing with a shortage of microchips due to the pandemic. A number of items like televisions have already become expensive by 30 percent.

2. Cars – The automobile sector also depends on microchips which are also known as semiconductors for a number of functions. When the pandemic had started, a number of auto manufacturers had cancelled the orders of microchips due to poor sales. But when the pandemic slowed down, the manufacturers could not handle the demand and resulted in a price hike.

3. Clothing – The coronavirus pandemic increased the importance of being healthy by exercising regularly. This also increased the demand for active clothing. Reports say that the prices of the clothing have gone up by 4.2 percent.

4. Toys – A number of toys also depend on the microchips and the holiday season is just round the corner. Apart from the chip crisis, the shipment issues have also made things tough. The companies due to the holiday season have arranged for containers but at a higher shipping price than usual. These hiked shipping prices would also reflect on the toys.

5. Medical supplies – It is not just about the masks and gloves anymore. Other equipment like exam tables, IV poles and heart defibrillators depend on the raw material like metal and plastic which are short in supply. Raw material that is available is costing more and could lead to a price hike gradually.

Photo Credits: Pixabay