6 Beauty products that you could be using the wrong way

A number of beauty products should be used as per the instructions given by the manufacturer

beauty products

The market has a number of beauty products that work in a different way. Every product has its own purpose and also has its own way of usage. The company of the beauty products usually provides a manual for the right way of usage and if that is not followed then the product might not deliver its actual purpose. Here are a few beauty products that you might be using he wrong way.

1. Wet wipes for removing make-up – Wipes are convenient to remove make-up but they do not cleanse the skin. They can be used once in a while, but on an everyday basis, the face should be double-cleansed. Wipes are made of rough material and can cause stretches on the skin.

2. Using serum alone – Majority of people think that the serum is sufficient for the skin, but the fact is that it should be applied before you apply a moisturizing cream. This will help the skin to absorb all the essential nutrients of the serum.

3. Using a dry sponge to apply foundation – The beauty blenders should be wet when you apply the product on the skin. If it is used dry, then it will absorb more product and will also lead to uneven application.

4. Not knowing the difference between the concealer and a corrector – People usually confuse between these two products. A concealer has to be used on the area under the eyes while the corrector has to be used to hide the defects on the skin.

5. Not washing off micellar water – Micellar water is a great product to remove make-up, but it has to be washed off. The product contains oil which if left on the skin can lead to acne.

6. Keeping face mask for too long – A face mask should be used as per the directions mentioned by the manufacturer. A face mask should not be left on the skin overnight, unless the manufacturer has said so.

Photo Credits: Pixabay