Ryanair finalizes deal for 150 aircrafts from Boeing

Ryanair and Boeing have finalized deal for nearly 150 aircrafts to be delivered between 2027 and 2033


Ryanair and aircraft manufacturing giant have finally come to a deal. The airline has announced that it is planning to buy nearly 150 Boeing 737 Max 10 aircrafts apart from 150 more. The deal was finalized after a failed agreement over the negotiations in terms of the price in 2021. The recent deal is the biggest order by the budget carrier and is also a reasonable order size for the aircraft manufacturer. The recent deal has been finalized after the airline decided to replace its ageing aircrafts and its intention to expand its fleet.

At present Ryanair is planning to operate the Max 10 aircrafts which are yet to be certified by the regulators. The planes have 228 seats on board. The airline has placed order for nearly 150 aircrafts and is worth more than $20 billion. However, it has to be noticed that airlines, in case of such big orders are entitled to big discounts as well. It was in September 2021, when Ryanair had stopped negotiating with Boeing as it was not satisfied with the prices quoted by the aircraft manufacturer.

CEO of Ryanair Michael O’Leary during a press conference said that in their own view it is never going to be cheap enough and in Boeing’s view it has always been inexpensive. He also informed that the aircrafts will be replacing the old 737 aircrafts in the Ryanair fleet. The fresh set of aircrafts is expected to be delivered between 2027 and 2033. The airline CEO also said that the additional 150 aircrafts will allow it to carry more than 300 million passengers in a year by 2034 and added that it will also be able to create more than 10,000 jobs by then.

The latest order for Boeing is the latest sales for the manufacturer. It is also due to deliver aircrafts to other airlines including United Airlines, Air India and Saudia in the upcoming months.

Photo Credits: Unsplash