Boeing bags more aircraft orders as Paris Air Show hovers round the corner

Boeing, Airbus and more aircraft manufacturers will be displaying their respective potentials at the Paris Air Show


The coronavirus pandemic phase proved to be a doom for a number of businesses across the globe. The airline manufacturing sector stood among the worst hit sectors. However, as the market inches towards new business opportunities, aircraft manufacturer Boeing, managed to deliver nearly 50 aircrafts to its customers in the month of May, which is a figure up from 35 in April 2023. Efforts are being made by the company to leave behind its rival Airbus in terms of deliveries amidst a time when the Paris Air Show fast approaches.

The deliveries by Boeing included eight 787 Dreamliners. The company said that they have discovered a new manufacturing flaw that marks as the second one this year. Boeing added that the manufacturing flaw would slow down the delivery of the wide-body planes that are high in demand as the international travel has recovered in recent times. The company has so far delivered 206 planes in 2023 so far and is still behind the 244 mark by Airbus in 2023. Airbus and Boeing have announced that they would be increasing the output of their respective aircrafts as the demand for international travel has increased in recent times.

Boeing has received orders for 69 aircrafts in the month of May, compared to 34 in April, 2023. The company has faced 11 cancellations  and sold 58 aircrafts out of which majority of them are 737 Max Jets. Meanwhile, the Paris Air Show is all set to begin from June 19, 2023. This will be an event where companies including Boeing and Airbus will be displaying their respective potentials  and will be meeting customers. They will also be announcing more new orders from airlines.

The airline industry has noticed a recovery from the pandemic slack phase towards a time when the travel demands have reached to different limits. The demand for travel has significantly increased in recent times as more people are venturing outdoors after being trapped in isolation for a long time.

Photo Credits: Unsplash