Hyundai Ioniq 5 vehicles to be investigated over motive power loss problems

The Hyundai vehicles complaints are being investigated by the ODI at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


About 40,000 of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 vehicles have come under the scrutiny of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as they look in to the power loss issues. The Office  of Defects Investigation (ODI) of the NHTSA has received nearly 30 complaints from the consumers while alleging loss of motive power in the 2022 models of the Ioniq 5 by Hyundai. A document from the office has said that nearly 39,500 vehicles of the model are expected to be affected by the defect.

The ODI in an open investigation statement said that a number of users of the vehicle have reported that they heard a loud pop sound  that followed by a warning that displays on the dashboard  and then immediately experience loss of motive power. The statement added that the motive power loss lead to reduction to a complete loss of motive power. As per the ODI Hyundai has explained that the motive power failure is due to the charging system that powers the hybrid vehicle  along with the low voltage 12-volt batteries.

The ODI, as per its preliminary review said that the problem is caused due to the over-current in the Integrated Control Charging Unit, which can damage the transistors in the DC-to-DC converter. This results in the inability to charge the 12V battery. As of now the office is opening a preliminary evaluation that will analyse the severity of the problem or a potential bigger problem and will also access the potential safety issues.

Ira Gabriel, a spokesperson from Hyundai has said that the company is completely cooperating in the investigation and is also planning to update the software on the vehicles that have been affected starting July, 2023. The spokesperson has also assured that the company will also replace the charging unit if it is necessary. Owners of the majority of the affected vehicles are based in the United States.

Photo Credits: Unsplash