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Ways to make your home-office space fresh and positive

The coronavirus pandemic is slowly and steadily fading away, but continues to exist. While the world had come down to a complete lockdown, today with the help of advanced medicines and vaccines, things have...

Things to avoid while in a new relationship

A new relationship is surely always full of bliss and happiness. Things are new and exciting for the couple as they continue to get to know more about each other. It has to be...
long distance relationship

Things to avoid when in a long distance relationship

A long distance relationship is never easy on the couple who are going through it. Many people refrain from getting in to one, but there are also people who have managed to get in...

6 basic etiquettes to keep in mind while socializing

Etiquettes are not only about selecting the right kind of cutlery when you are eating different foods but it is also about respecting other people around you. There can be times when some insignificant...

4 Reasons why spending time with friends is good for mental health

People who have friends are blessed as they are the ones who are always there no matter what the situation is. A friendship is not all about just spending some good time but is...

4 Ways to make your wedding guests have a great time

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, weddings are no longer the same. People are forced to restrict guests as a safety precaution but that does not mean that you will have to compromise on your...

5 Kinds of compliments men would also like to hear

There are hundreds of articles on how to make women feel special and how to make them feel appreciated by complimenting them. But many forget about the fact that even men’s emotions need to...
pepper spray

Facts that you need to know before carrying a pepper spray

A pepper spray is a great product that can be carried by women who commute often in public or private transports. However, if you are considering to have one in your purse, there are...

Simple everyday tips that can make life easier

There are a number of habits that people have been following without realizing that there is in fact better ways to do them to make them better. There should always be room for rectification...

5 Simple tips for couples who argue often

Arguments between couples is often considered as healthy, but when they become frequent then the couple themselves find it tough to deal with it on an everyday basis. Frequency of arguments can also take...

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