A few basic life rules no one ever talks about

There are certain life rules that people need to be reminded about and would never be found on any book


There are many things, actually basic things in life that you need to be aware of. We are not talking about the minimum age required to have a driving license, but a few others that could make you a better person and would leave you satisfied by the end of the day. Go through these rules below that you might never find in any book.

  1. Admit it if you were or are wrong. Confession does not cut down your bank balance.
  2. Do not make fun of overweight people at the gym. It might mark their first step towards their better future and you do not have any idea about their struggles.
  3. If you are having a bad day, that does not mean that you ruin others as well. Try to isolate yourself and try to make peace with what comes to you.
  4. Allow people to walk out of trains, elevators, buses or other public transports before you walk in.
  5. If you are being picked by a friend, then make sure that you are ready before they arrive to pick you up.
  6. Do not wear white at a wedding and do not propose your partner at someone else’s wedding. Its is their day, don’t try to make it yours.
  7. If someone has held the door for you, acknowledge them with a thank you.
  8. Eat with your mouth closed.
  9. Be patient with elderly people.
  10. When you borrow a friend’s car, make sure that you fill up the tank when you return it.
  11. Never ask a woman if she is pregnant.
  12. When visiting someone, make sure you take something. It could be a bottle of wine, chocolates for the kids or a souvenir.
  13. Do not make promises to children that you cannot fulfill.
  14. Do not touch a disabled person’s mobility aids unless you are asked to do so.

Photo Credits: Pixabay