7 Things not to buy from airports

While travelling make sure that you avoid buy these things from the airport


Airport is a place, where once you enter the security checks, you become a captive audience. The airports take advantage of it and find different ways to make revenue. It is indeed a great experience to fly to a different destination, but on the way there are chances that you might end up being drawn towards certain shops or kiosks that might sell things at higher costs. Here are a few things that you should avoid buying from airports.

  1. Electronics – Airports do have electronic items shops and kiosks that might draw you towards making an impulsive purchase. The electronics purchased at the airport can significantly cost you more even if they are basics like chargers or headsets. These items are usually priced at 34 percent more expensive than what they would find online.
  2. Food  – Avoid buying food at the airport. It is a known fact that the food at the airport is overpriced and not of very good quality. Majority of the travellers eat at the airport to kill time and not because they are actually hungry.
  3. Souvenirs  – Make sure that you don’t buy souvenirs from the airport. It is best to purchase souvenirs at the destination instead of purchasing while on transit.
  4. Foreign currency – Do not exchange money at the airport when you are planning a trip abroad. Since there is no competition at airport, they charge a high exchange fee which would be far away from the best exchange rates.
  5. Reading material- Make sure that you carry your own Kindle instead of buying some reading material from the airport.
  6. Chocolates – it is good to take some chocolates home but make sure that you don’t buy them from the duty-free shops at the airports as they are too pricey.
  7. Perfume  – The perfume that is being sold at the duty-free shop could also be fake. Yes even the shops at the airport could sell fake version of a branded perfume. Beware before you make a transaction or just avoid.

Photo Credits: Pixabay