5 Things not to carry in your hand baggage on a flight

There are certain things airlines do not allow to carry in your hang baggage while on a flight

hand baggage

People who are frequent flyers often know about what should be carried and what is not allowed in your baggage. The anxiety of going through the security check is real as you never know when you might get pulled by the authorities that could ruin your travel experience. To avoid such unpleasant experiences, here we will be sharing a few things that you should not carry in your hand baggage on a flight.                             

  1. Sharp or pointed objects – While scissors and knives are obviously not allowed, there are also a few other things like box cutters, crowbars, staple guns, self-defense items and more such things which are not allowed. If you want to carry your razor, you can carry that in your check-in luggage.
  2. Any liquid or liquor – Parents of toddlers can take a note that liquids like baby food or milk are only allowed up to 100 ml. The security officials could check the contents but otherwise there is nothing to worry about it. People carrying medicines and other essentials can carry them in their check-in baggage.
  3. Toy replicas of Firearms and ammunitions – Such items are a strict no in your hand baggage. They should be strictly voided.
  4. Groceries and Drone camera – these items are not acceptable in the hand luggage while travelling in domestic airlines. Avoid carrying such items or they would be mercilessly taken away without any warning and you might end up in a loss.
  5. Don’t carry two laptops – Helping someone to carry their laptops to a different city might not be a good idea. Although the rules about carrying laptops are different with different airlines. Some airlines do not allow them to be carried in your hand baggage. It is best to check out the policies of the airlines before you book your tickets. Research well about the baggage policies before you plan your travel. Be informed about everything to avoid any last minute hassle.

Photo Credits: Pixabay