Can you work out during periods?

Work out during periods is OK but with less intensity


Many people have different opinions about exercise or working out during periods. Although there is no scientific reason to tell that women in periods should not exercise. But still there are people who prefer to skip their work out regime and one of the major reasons are they are usually fatigued. Here we will be looking in to the benefits of working out during your periods and also what kind of exercises are recommended during these days.


  1. It helps to decrease PMS symptoms – If you are prone to experience mood swings and fatigue during periods then exercise tends to reduce those  symptoms.
  2. Helps to elevate your mood – Exercise gives you a boost of endorphins and keeps your mood swings at bay. Overall it makes you feel good and confortable.
  3. Helps with strength – Working out during the first two days of your menstrual cycle can allow you to experience more strength and power and this could happen due to low levels of female hormones.

Best exercises to indulge

  1. Walking – During your menstrual cycle, it is best to indulge in light exercises like walking or light aerobics.
  2. Light strength training – You could also indulge in light strength training and longer flow sessions. Health experts recommend a mix of strength workout and cardio.
  3. Yoga – Yoga helps the body to relax and also helps the body to relieve the symptoms like cramping, tenderness in breasts, muscle fatigue and soreness.

Exercises that should be avoided

This is the time that the women’s body is already going through stress. One has to make sure that they apply minimal training stress on the body. If you are feeling fatigued than normal it is OK to remain away from heavy exercises.


Exercise is never bad for the body, but you also need to listen to what your body is indicating at times. You could continue to exercise but minus the intensity.

Photo Credits: Pixabay