Experts warn about Ingredients not to add to your smoothies

Healthy smoothies with a couple of ingredients could prove to be the worst for health


Majority of the young and middle-aged population are now conscious about their health and indulge in fancy diets and fasting regimes that help them to maintain a healthy weight. One of the popular foods among the youngsters  is the smoothies. They are healthy, natural, versatile and easy to make. Although a number of people include a number of ingredients in their respective smoothies, but experts have warned about a couple of things to refrain from adding to your health-conscious smoothies.

  1. Table sugar /sweeteners – Sugar can be the worst possible ingredient that could be added to smoothies. They can hinder your impended weight loss goals  and could also lead to other health issues that include tooth decay, heart problems or even diabetes. It is best to avoid table sugar, syrups or even any kind of artificial sweeteners. Experts advise that it is best to depend on the sweetness found in the fruits. There are people who prefer their drink to be sweet and could rely on the monk fruit sweetener which is all natural. Monk fruit contains some great compounds  and are also way sweeter than cane sugar. Surprisingly it is calorie free. They do not affect the blood sugar levels  and also does not cause tooth decay.
  2. Whole milk / heavy cream – This is another ingredient that experts warn not to include in your healthy smoothies. This ingredient should be avoided to have a good gut health. Heavy cream, whole milk or ice-cream should be avoided at any cost. Experts explain that these ingredients are indeed good sources for protein and calcium, but  they are also high in saturated fats and dense in calories. But there are indeed substitutes. People could use skimmed milk or Greek yoghurt. You could sweeten your health drinks with natural sweeteners or plant-based creamers which are trending these days. At the same time nutrition experts warn to keep an eye on the nutrition label and not deprive the body of the basic nutrients.

Photo Credits: Pixabay