Airbnb to allow tenants to hosts apartments

Airbnb has launched a new platform where the tenants will be able to host the apartments


Short-term homestays giant Airbnb is joining hands with some of the big landlords as well as management companies  and together they will be listing the apartment buildings where renters will be allowed to offer short-term sublets on the property. Sublet is an arrangement where the tenants are given the option to host their apartments as the homeowners can. The company has assured on November 30, 2022 that they will be adding a new page to its website that will have the list of the Airbnb friendly buildings.

Usually rental buildings do not allow the tenants to sublet for short stays. But with Airbnb, to begin with, will start showcasing 175 apartment buildings in 25 of the major markets. The markets include San-Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, Seattle, Phoenix and Dallas. However some of the other major cities like New York City and Washington D.C. are not available as these places have restrictions for short-term rentals. With the help of the new arrangement the tenants will be able to host their respective rentals  that will help the buildings attract tenants who might be interested to host. The earnings of the tenants would vary.

Nathan Blecharczyk, co-founder of Airbnb said that the earnings would depend on the building, location and added that there are a number of assumptions. Apartment rents have increased in recent times apart from home and other prices. Amidst the inflation, the tenants are looking forward for new ways to support their incomes so they could make their monthly payments. However, the rents have now just begun to ease, but are still 10 percent higher than what it was a year ago.

The new page on Airbnb will also offer the tenants a calculator on how much they would earn per month. The calculations would depend and vary as per the number of bedrooms, number of nights  that every building allows. The apartment buildings will have the independence to charge  the primary tenant fee of up to 20 percent of the price of every Airbnb use.

Photo Credits: Unsplash