4 Lifestyle changes to make to prevent diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that can be easily prevented with the help of a few lifestyle changes


Diabetes is no longer only for those who have it in their families. It has become more of a lifestyle related disease. Although it can easily be managed, it all depends on how you treat your body. Here we will be sharing a few tips prescribed by experts that will help to prevent diabetes in the coming years.

  1. Remain active – Diabetes is caused due to less production of insulin which is produced by pancreas. Insulin helps to break down the sugar from the blood stream and the blood cells. When you exercise or remain active, it helps to increase insulin sensitivity and reduces the body’s requirement for insulin to control blood sugar levels. Some of the activities like swimming, strength training, running and brisk walking are great ways to exercise.
  2. Give your body ample rest – Sleep is an important function of the body and helps the body to regenerate. The sleep time of the body is also important as it helps to reset the hormones that take care of a number of functions of the body including protection from infections, processing insulin and more.
  3. Have a control on your stress levels – Now this might seem a little difficult as stress cannot be eliminated completely but it can be managed to a great level. When stress levels are high it can affect some of the other functions of the body including digestion, muscular recovery and sleep. The body does not know how to distinguish between different kinds of pressures so it reacts and expends energy to deal with it. This extra energy is floated in the body and gets stored as fat that develops insulin resistance.
  4. Eat healthy – Be mindful of what you are eating. This is does not mean that you need to eat healthy all the time, but make a good balance by including everything in your diet.

Photo Credits: Pixabay