What could happen when you consume tea on an empty stomach?

Tea, which is otherwise a healthy drink, when consumed on an empty stomach could lead to a number of health problems


Tea is a very common morning beverage that is consumed by people across the globe. Many health experts have talked about the benefits of consuming tea, but not many are aware about the right way to consume it and the right time. A number of people have the habit of consuming tea on an empty stomach which  is not a good habit for the stomach and could lead to problems like indigestion and heartburn. Here we will be discussing about what drinking tea n an empty stomach could do to you.

  1. Insomnia – Yes this could be caused due to the sudden changes in the body temperature in the body that is usually caused due to sweating after exercising. The same thing happens to the body when tea is consumed on an empty stomach. This could lead to sleeplessness in the night and could lead to irritability the next day.
  2. Bloating – tea consumed on an empty stomach can lead to excessive formation of gases leaving you feel uneasy and bloated. Consuming hot liquids before you eat food, could cause the stomach to expand. Such a process increases the pressure in the digestive system and leads to gas formation or bloating.
  3. Headache – Tea contains caffeine that if taken on an empty stomach can lead to dehydration that could cause a headache.  It is best to drink plenty of water before you drink tea. Too much of consumption could also lead to high blood pressure problems or heart problems.
  4. Dizziness – tea contains caffeine which consumed in excess can cause dizziness. It is wise to consume tea after you have your breakfast and it will prevent the caffeine to hit your system directly.
  5. Irregular heartbeat – Once again caffeine has a role to play and it increases the heartbeat rate in some problem which could also lead to arrhythmia. The abnormal heartbeat could also lead to anxiety or panic attacks in some.

Photo Credits: Pixabay