4 Easy ways to deal with post workout muscle soreness

Post workout muscle soreness can be very painful especially for those who are not habitual of exercise


People who work out on a regular basis know what it feels when muscle soreness hits. Muscle soreness is a pain experienced in the muscles when a person works out after a long time and the stress creates pain in the muscles which could be from mild to excruciating. Habitual people can experience mild muscle soreness but people who are not habitual of working out could experience extreme pain. Although there is no magic to deal with the pain instantly as it would take its own time to heal, but here we will be discussing about a few tips that can help you to ease the pain.

1. Get a massage – it is highly recommended that you get a massage to ease the soreness. It helps to ease the discomfort caused and also offers long-term effects. It is better to get a massage instead of taking medications as it also helps to reduce the inflammation.

2. Eat what is right – Muscle soreness means the muscles need some repair after an inflammation. A repair for the muscles would mean need for protein. Protein is a need for before and after workout sessions. Steamed vegetables, quinoa, chicken or a slice of break with some peanut butter is a great way to provide protein for the body.

3. Allow some cool down period – A cool down period means you need to rest as it allows your breathing and heart rate to get back to normal. It sends a signal to the muscles to rest for a while and heals the inflammation. If proper rest is not given then, the muscles will take longer to heal.

4. Hydrate – Water is one of the most important elements in terms of muscle recovery. When water circulates around the system, then it helps to heal faster. It reduces inflammation and flushes out the waste and delivers nutrients to the muscles. If you do not hydrate enough, the muscle soreness would take longer to heal.

Photo Credits: Pixabay