5 Foods to avoid after pregnancy

Women after pregnancy should give special care towards what they are eating


Pregnancy is a very delicate phase for a woman and special care has to be take in terms of what they have to eat. Not many stress on the importance of food that is consumed by women post pregnancy or after delivery. This phase is equally delicate and if proper care is not taken, then it could lead to complications and side effects. Here are a few foods that should be avoided post delivering a baby.

1. Junk food- The body during the delivery – whether normal or a C-section has gone through a lot of trauma and needs to be nurtured with the right and healthy food. New mothers need to make sure that they avoid junk food which are high in fat, sugar, salt and calories as they can cause weight gain and these extra kilos could become difficult to lose.

2. Sugary drinks – Post-delivery, a new mother could be tempted to have a nice and cool sugary drink, but it is best to avoid. They are loaded with calories and provide no nutrition to the body. The energy that you get from the drinks is just short lived and it might make you feel worn out and contribute to the weight gain.

3. Fish – it is best to avoid fish as there is always a risk of them containing high mercury levels. Sea food is a great source for lean protein and other nutrients but the mercury levels can pass through the breast milk and be transferred to the new-born child.

4. Caffeinated drinks – Caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee can be avoided or should be taken in less quantity. If the baby is being breast fed then the caffeine could be transferred to the baby and would make her/him more fussy or irritable.

5. Foods that cause bloating – Avoid foods that can cause bloating or excessive gas in the stomach. Some of the foods like cabbage, broccoli and beans can cause gas and make the new mother uncomfortable and bloated.

Photo Credits: Pixabay