Habits that might be making you gain extra weight

    A few habits that might seem healthy might actually be contributing towards your weight gain


    Even before the coronavirus pandemic started, people across the globe were already drawn towards leading a healthy lifestyle. The pandemic increased the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While a number of people have actually adopted a healthy schedule, but many of them have taken up habits that might actually doing the reverse. Here we will be discussing about a few habits that might seem healthy, but are actually contributing towards a gradual extra weight gain.

    1. Ignoring lunch – A number of people have the practice of giving up lunch as it helps them feel lighter and others just have a busy lifestyle to take out time for lunch. But skipping this meal would make you feel fatigued and also stressed. You might feel lack of energy and that would affect your efficiency at work.

    2. Consuming too much avocado – Avocado is a great breakfast food that goes great with your break at the breakfast table. But the fact is that they are loaded with unsaturated fats along with a number of nutrients and anti-oxidants. They are high in calories and too much of it might not be beneficial. You could limit your portion.

    3. Constantly wearing skinny jeans – wearing skinny jeans can give an illusion of appearing slimmer. But such an outfit squeezes the thighs, buttocks and core and prevents the muscles from performing the actual support function. You could switch to a more relaxed option.

    4. Switching to almond milk – A number of people switch to a plant-based substitute which might be a good idea unless you are lactose intolerant. People who consume dairy products have a good body metabolism and also a lower chance of weight gain.

    5. You are being too harsh on the body – Undergoing regular exercise is a great way to keep your weight in check, but too much of working out can also store more fat and would crave food more.

    Photo Credits: Pixabay