3 Proposal set-ups you should avoid

    A proposal to your partner is a special moment that should leave you with good memories


    One of the very special moments of life is when you propose the love of your life. Many people often prepare for the big moment to make it memorable and special. While majority of people might expect a positive response from their respective partners a few of them might be a little skeptical or unsure. Some proposals are also likely to turn in to blunders. To be on the safe side, here are a few ways you should avoid proposing the love of your life to avoid any bloopers or blunders.

    1. A public or a loud proposal – Over-enthusiastic enthusiastic youngsters might plan about a proposal at a public place while the world is watching you. This might put your partner in a very awkward position, especially when he/she is shy or an introvert. The presence of a number of strangers witnessing your special moment might distract or scare your partner. Consider what your partner loves to do and plan the moment when you would be ready to pop the question.

    2. Concealing a ring in food – This has been tried by a number of people. Many have hidden a ring in food or in a glass of champagne. This could seem like a very romantic and movie like set-up, but there is definitely a fear of choking. This would mean that your special moment might turn in to a disaster. Avoid doing such stunts and present the ring directly to your partner and that would be no less than a surprise.

    3. Popping the question at someone else’s wedding – Now this could be rude. You could be taking away all the attention from the couple who is getting married. Moreover, wedding is a set-up where the family and relatives are present and you should not put your partner in that position that could tarnish his/her image if the person declines the proposal.

    The best way to propose is an intimate set up. You can set up a small space at the comfort of your home or at a beach where no one is watching you.

    Photo Credits: Pixabay