McDonald’s, Wendy’s and more offer free fries on National fry Day

    July 13 is observed as the National Fry Day and the restaurants across the United States are banking on the occasion to lure customers

    national fry day

    Fast food giants in America are all set to observe the National Fry Day which is also known as the Fry Day on July 13, 2021. Restaurants and fast food franchises across the nation are all set to offer free fries offers that would be given away to the customers with their purchases. Some of the giants like Wendy’s and McDonald’s are also offering free fries with the purchases on Tuesday as the consumers would be using their mobile apps. The free fries day is observed every year on July 13.

    McDonald’s has been testing its MyMcDonalds Rewards since many months and is now all set to launch it. On the other hand even Golden Arches is ready to launch its World Famous Fan contest that will select 66 fans who will be winning 1 million MyMcDonald’s Reward points. One of the fans will be winning free fries for a lifetime. The contest for McDonalds will begin on July 13, 2021 and will continue till July 20, 2021. The rules of the game has been mentioned on

    At the same time, fries is not the only food that will be a part of the food deals on Tuesday. IHOP is also giving away a pancake deal with its butter milk pancakes for 58 cents. Even Subway is giving free subs that will be giving away free subs on the same day that will mark the launch of its new menu. Overall, a number of locations are offering different deals for the day. A number of franchises will encourage customers to sign up through the apps.

    Even convenience store chains are offering loyalty programs in the month of July. Checkers is offering any size fries for $ 1 at the double drive-thru restaurant franchise. Fatburger is also offering a free order of French fries with any purchase that is made by the customer.

    Photo Credits: Pixabay