4 Easy ways for introverts to survive amidst extroverts

It is a hard world for the introverts, who are prone to be dominated by the extroverts


It is a tough world out there and it is even tougher for people who are introverts. These are people who need some time alone after they spend time with a lot of people. It is not like they do not like to socialize, but they just find it tough to say ‘No’ to people when it is needed. People in the world are constantly in competition trying to bring down people around them, so it is a cut-throat situation for the introverts. But here are a few tricks and ways that can help these introverts to survive in this brutal world.

1. Take a break – It might be a lot to absorb or tiring to even start a small conversation. It is OK to feel that way and do not undermine your feelings. Address your feelings by taking some time off and spend some time in your own company.

2. Do not try to bring changes in yourself – Just to please others , you do not have to change yourself. Being shy is your nature and you don’t have to push yourself to please other people. Learn to accept who you are and people who genuinely care about you would respect your conservativeness.

3. Learn to say no – For instance, if you are not comfortable on meeting someone new, then you can be honest yet kind to say ‘No’. You don’t have to force yourself to be a person or meet a person you dislike.

4. Take a stand – Introverts are often prone to be dominated by people due to their nature. Do not shy away from taking a stand and make them understand your actual feelings. This does not mean that you have to be rude but you can convey your thoughts in the best possible way.

Being an introvert is not abnormal and it is completely OK to remain in your skin.

Photo Credits: Pixabay