Easy ways to deal with negative thoughts that keep coming back

Negative thoughts can put an impact on the mental health of a person

negative thoughts

Out mind has thousands of thoughts in a day and many of them cannot be avoided. A number of them could be positive thoughts but there are also negative thoughts. Although , the positive thoughts are good, but the negative ones could be harmful for the mental and physical health. Since it is in your head, does not mean it is real, but when those thoughts linger constantly and you prefer to do nothing about it, then it might manifest in a different way. The COVID-19 pandemic is a time when it is common to have such thoughts, but these need to be addressed and not ignored. Here are a few ways you can avoid the negative thoughts.

1. Live in the moment – You need to live in the moment and stop worrying about that lies in the future or what has happened in the past. The current moment determines what you are. Be mindful of what you are doing and accept things as they come.

2. Practice gratitude – It is a universal truth that you will lose things that you do not value in life but if you are thankful for certain things then you would have that in abundance. You can maintain a journal that helps to retain the mind towards positive thinking.

3. Focus – You need to keep a focus on what you want in life. Write it down and give yourself a realistic timeline to achieve that goal. Do not focus on things that you do not want.

4. Be aware of your thoughts – Be aware of what you are thinking and try to break the pattern of your negative thoughts. While you have a negative thought, you can just replace that thought with a positive one.

5. Meditate – Meditation is the best medicine for the proper functioning of the mental health. You can start with 15 minutes per day in the morning and can gradually increase the time.

Photo Credits: Pixabay