6 Unique party theme ideas for New Year’s Eve celebration

    The New Year’s Eve is here and a few party theme ideas can make your celebration even more special

    party theme

    While people are preparing to bid a good bye to 2021 this New Year’s Eve, a number of people are planning to have intimate in-house parties amidst the omicron variant threat. The basics of a friends and family gathering remains the same with some snacks, music and a heart-warming meal, but a number of people fail to find the right theme for their party. Here are a few party theme ideas that can make it even more happening.

    1. Glitter Party theme – Yes this sounds exciting as you can encourage your loved one to wear the most glittery and bedazzled outfit. Apart from the outfits, you can also add sparkly party streamers, balloons filled with glitter and you can also be creative as to where you can add more glitter.

    2. Winter wonderland party – Transform your house in to a winter wonderland with some snowflakes all around. You can also use a silvery sequin tablecloth and pine garlands that can be hung around. You can also have a hot chocolate bar with mini marshmallows.

    3. Fondue party – What can be cozier than warm fondue enjoyed with friends around. You can treat yourself and your friends and family members with a warm bowl of fondue with a selection of veggies, fruits and bread to dip.

    4. Disco party theme – People who love to dance can host a grand disco party with some 70s music playing. You can encourage the guests to be dressed in gold maxi outfits and off-course a sparkly disco ball in the centre to give the perfect vibe of the mood.

    5. Champagne party theme – Deck your house with everything gold like the gold fringe curtains, champagne bottles and sparkles all over. You can also include champagne in the food or cup cakes.

    6. Masquerade Party theme – The masquerade theme never goes old fashion. You can include fancy masquerade masks and look forward to a night filled with glam and mystery.

    Photo Credits: Pixabay