Things to keep in mind as you prepare for the third wave of COVID-19

    COVID-19 third wave can hit any time and there are certain things that people need to be aware and prepared for

    third wave

    The world has already dealt with a lot due to the coronavirus pandemic. The first wave came with a warning sign that a second wave could hit and a second wave gave a lesson to a number of nations across the globe that the disease should not be taken lightly as more lives were claimed by the virus. Now that the fear of the third wave remains there are a certain things that people need to know and need to be aware of.

    1. Get vaccinated – It is our first duty to protect ourselves and protect your family by getting yourself and your family vaccinated as soon as possible. Do not entertain any kind of rumours as the truth is that vaccines help to bring down the severity of the virus and also protects from hospitalization.

    2. Protect your children but do not panic – There are reports that children could be majorly affected during the third wave but there is no clinical data to support. But the fact is that they are the only group that remains unvaccinated due to which they need to protected and extra care should be taken for them.

    3. Follow guidelines – The lockdowns across the globe has been eased and the markets have opened, but people need to continue to remain careful and maintain social distancing norms. They have to continue to maintain utmost hygiene and wear a mask.

    4. Do not spread rumours – Even the scientists continue to study about the virus which is just about a year and a half old. There could be a number of rumours that might be sprawling on the social network, but do not indulge in spreading such false information that is not backed with any base.

    5. Continue to take care of your health – It was the lockdown when people took extra care of their health by eating well and regular exercise. This practice has to be continued to make sure that the immunity of the body remains constant.

    Photo Credits: Pixabay