6 Fashion hacks that can make you look younger

Looking younger is something that many people look forward to and a few tricks can actually work


Many times it is the way you carry yourself scrapes out years from your appearance than you actually are. Your sense of dressing matters when it comes to what age you look. It is not just about your skin and your behavior but your dressing style can also determine or help to shave off a few years from your appearance.

  1. Experiment with patterns – Make sure that you first see what kind of pattern suits your body structure. Straight lines, zigzags, geometric patterns or patterns with soft edges, see what suits your body shape and structure. If you want to look younger, make sure that you go for a curved ones with softer edges.
  2. Cover your weight – If you have put on weight in different parts of your body then an outfit that might be showing off that extra weight will make you look older. For instance if you have put on some extra fat on your waist line then an A line outfit can perfectly camouflage that weight.
  3. Brighten up with colors – When you wear darker shades, it shows conservativeness and authority, which is why it can try lighter and brighter shades that will make you look more open and fun. If not the entire outfit you can accessorize your look with bright scarves and necklaces.
  4. Avoid more coverage – show off your neckline and collar bones as they flatter your entire appearance. Covering them up gives you a more conservative and an authoritative look.
  5. Do not fall for trends – Every fashion fad around does not have to be in your wardrobe. Every fashion trend might not suit your personality. You need to dress younger and not like your children or grandchildren.
  6. Venture a slight crop – No matter how self-conscious you are, try to show off some skin and it could be with a pair of cropped pants or an outfit with a short hemline. Finish off your look with a pointed toe loafers or flats.

Photo Credits: Pixabay