Common Fashion mistakes that you should avoid

While fashion can be a choice, there are minute details that can be easily missed but can be easily corrected


Fashion is certainly a choice as per an individual’s preference and comfort. While people choose their own ways when it comes to styling, there are still a few basic mistakes that people tend to make and should be avoided at any cost. Here we will be discussing about a few fashion mistakes that should be avoided and how they can be corrected.

1. Wearing the wrong size – It does not work anyway. Wearing a size smaller or a size bigger can make you look clumsy. Wearing clothes which are too tight can make you look different and will also make you uncomfortable. Wearing clothes which are bigger than your actual size can make you look bigger. Make sure that you select the right size which will make you look sophisticated and elite.

2. Wearing the wrong shoe/slipper size – An ill fitted shoe, slipper or any footwear can spoil your entire look. Opt for stilettos with open toes, if you have short legs. Wearing the wrong size of footwear can make you look very unflattering.

3. Longer pants – Do not wear pants that have not been hemmed as per your height. When you buy a new pair of pants make sure that they are tailored or hemmed as per your height before hand and before you decide to wear it.

4. Faded clothing – While some people might decide to reuse clothes, which is a good thing, but wearing clothes that have faded is not a good idea. It does not leave a good impression and it is better to donate them.

5. Chipped nail polish – This is a mistake that many women tend to make. While they might not find time to re-do them, but it does not look good to wear a nail color that has been chipped. If you do not have time, then you should at least remove the excess thing.

Photo Credits: Pixabay