Airbnb allows employees to work remotely across the globe

Airbnb employees are now allowed to work remotely anywhere from the world without any paycuts


Lodging and homestays rental giant Airbnb has announced that it will allow it employees across the world to work remotely without the need to undergo any pay cut. Brian Chesky, the CEO of Airbnb made the announcement of its new policy in a series of Tweets on April 29, 2022. Chesky in his Tweets said that the employees are free to move anywhere in the country and their compensation will not change. His tweets added that the employees will have the flexibility to live and work in nearly 170 countries for up to 90 days per year in each location.

The co-founder added that the employees will still have to meet on a regular basis while some will connect in person while some will have to connect regularly for team gatherings. He also said that they will also be operating a multi-year timeline that will include at least two big product releases in a year. This will keep them working in a coordinated way. Chesky also explained that the company has moved towards its new policies as the world has become more flexible and added that the business would not have been able to recover if people were not working from their homes.

The Tweets by Chesky also said that they were able to witness the most productive period in the company history while the employees worked remotely. He added that the company would be at a significant disadvantage if they constricted people to commute around their offices while adding that the best people live everywhere.

Chesky also shared that he believes that the employees working remotely will become more predominant for some of the major companies, 19 years from now. The recent move has been taken by Airbnb after Chesky had announced in January 2022 that he will be staying in a different town or city every two weeks. This was the time when the company experienced bookings from 100,000 guests in a span of three months.

Photo Credits: Pixabay