World Laughter Day – 4 Health benefits of practicing laughter

This World Laughter Day know about the healing benefits of practicing laughter and make it a part of your life


This World Laughter Day make sure that you laugh your heart out and get rid of every stress or worries that bother you everyday. May 1, 2022 is observed as World Laughter Day and make sure that you observe the day with a good laugh and also encourage others to spread the message and make the most of the day. Even health experts swear by the benefits of practicing laughter to get rid of a number of health issues. Here we will be discussing about the reasons why laughing is beneficial for health.

1. Helps reduce stress – Have you ever wondered why you feel relaxed and happy when you are in your friend’s company? When you are with your friends, you tend to laugh hard and your mind is at ease with no worries while enjoying the moment. Laughter helps to reduce stress as the body begins to produce cortisol. This hormone also helps to reduce any inflammation, sugar levels and also helps to regulate metabolism.

2. Stimulates body organs – Laughter therapy helps to improve oxygen intake and stimulates the lungs, heart, muscles, and also helps in endorphin release. Laughing also helps to increase the blood circulation and also decreases the risk of cardio vascular diseases.

3. Helps to improve heart health – Not many people are aware that laughing is a great cardio workout and is good for those who are not able to engage in any physical activity due to reasons like an illness or an injury. It increases the heart rate and burns the same number of calories that is equal to slow and moderate walking.

4. Improves your mood – Laughter is a great way to improve your mood and this happens due to the release of endorphins in the brain. Even a short span of laughter helps to make a difference. People suffering from depression or anxiety can be happier while practicing laughter as it makes them feel better.

Photo Credits: Pixabay