3 Easy ways to feel Happy

Yes there are also ways that you could induce some happy moments with just a few simple efforts


For many people happiness is an emotion which can come, go or fluctuate. But not many realize that a person is always responsible for his/her own happiness. Nothing is permanent, not even sadness, but if you think that happiness is a phase that should come naturally, then you need to think twice and go through this entire article. There could be times when you might feel that you are no longer happy and need to have a change or would like to seek some happiness. This is the time you need to realize that this is the time you need to create some happiness for yourself. Here we will be sharing a few ways you could be happy naturally but need to put in some efforts.

1. Cheer people around you – This is easy! You need not go out and about to search for people and make them happy by showering them with gifts and other materialistic things. Everyday you come across people at home, may be in the office or at the grocery store. You just have to pass a smile or a compliment that would make their day and would give you that mental satisfaction that you can comfortably call as happiness.

2. Spend a ‘you’ day – Take out that one day in the week to pamper yourself. It need not be something that you end up spending on an expensive spa session, but it could just be a simple cup of coffee with some silent time at your balcony or at the window or spending some alone time while watching your favourite Netflix series. But if you do feel like pampering yourself, do not hesitate to spend that extra money on yourself. Leave no space for guilt.

3. Be thankful and remember the good things – There are always things that you can be thankful for. It could be just the fact that you are healthy or have a supportive spouse or nutritious food to eat. Be thankful and practice gratitude for all that you have.

Photo Credits: Pixabay