6 Body parts where experts do not recommend a tattoo

A tattoo on the body can look great, but there are certain body parts that the experts recommend against


The trend of getting a permanent tattoo has become popular in recent times, especially among the youngsters. Many people do this to honor their loved ones and get one made on different parts of the body. While the practice is relatively harmless, medical practitioners and tattoo artists have suggested that there are some places on the body that are not ideal for a tattoo. Here is a list of the body parts where it is not advised to get a tattoo made.

1. Armpits – The very thought of getting a tattoo made at the armpit can be painful. It is a very sensitive area and the pain can be very severe and could also probably be unbearable for many.

2. Elbows – The area of the elbow is a place where the ink struggles to stay. The skin here is very thick and also needs a number of bumps and knocks. This area also tends to get dried and if proper moisturization is not done, then there are all the chances that the tattoo could fade away.

3. Behind the knees – Again this area is very sensitive and has a number of nerve endings. It could be extremely uncomfortable for the one who is getting it done.

4. Palm area/fingers/hands – This is one of the most popular places where people get their tattoos made. But experts opine that since it is open and exposed to the sun it can affect it a lot and could fade fast.

5. The rib cage – This can look very attractive, but the pain while drawing process could be unbearable. Even the healing process on this area could take longer than usual.

6. The face – The skin on the face is very sensitive and has tons of nerve endings. A tattoo on the face could get a guarantee of not more than 2 to 3 years. People who get a tattoo on the face should never forget the sunscreen.

Photo Credits: Pixabay