Amazing toy substitutes that you can buy for the kids

A toy would make a child happy, but could not make him/her productive


Children constantly expect to have a toy as a gift from elders and often look forward towards their birthday or a festival to have one. While many children have a number of toys, they can never get bored of them. But there are still a number of better options that you can buy for a child instead of a toy. Here is a list.

1. Magazine subscriptions – There are a number of magazines that can make your children curious. This will help to develop a habit of reading in children and will also help them to be engaged in different activities and will remain entertained for hours.

2. Gift cards/certificates – You can buy them a gift card that can be spent by them to watch their favourite movie or go to a restaurant.

3. Membership to a local zoo – This is a great gift for children who love animals. A membership of a local zoo can allow them to have unlimited visits to the place and often it also includes free passes for guests and free parking.

4. Passes for a local theme park – Children are thrilled to go to a theme park. You can gift passes of their favourite theme park/water park. The tickets to the theme park often include complementary meals and different combos that are specifically designed for the family.

5. A craft kit – Gifting something to a child that would keep them engaged for hours is every parent’s paradise. A detailed and colorful craft kit would make the child curious and would allow them to show off their creativity.

6. Money towards a saving account – If nothing above convinces you, then you can just gift a saving account with a fair amount in it that can be used at some point. There are options for fixed deposits for children who can withdraw then when they grow up.

Photo Credits: Pixabay