Proper ways of washing and cleaning reusable cloth masks

A number of people are using reusable cloth masks but not many are adopting the right way to clean them


Wearing masks while stepping out in public has become a new normal. Nations across the globe are in unlock mode after being in lockdown for a couple of months. While the medical practitioners and workers prefer the disposable ones due to the exposure, other people who are non-medical people, prefer to use the reusable ones that are made of cloth. But that does not mean that the reusable masks do not have to be cleaned or washed. Proper care has to be taken while handling and using them. Here are a few things that you need to know when you are using a reusable mask.

1. What to use to wash a reusable cloth mask?

Normal soap and water can be used to clean them and no fancy solutions or preparation is needed. Just take some warm water and detergent and wash the masks well and toss it in the washer and then the dryer. Dry it at a hygienic and dry place.

2. Wash the filters as well

Some reusable masks also come with filters and it is important to wash them thoroughly as well. But they have to be hand-washed and not to be washed in the washing machine as they are delicate.

3. How often should they be washed?

Health experts say that they should be washed everyday and depends on the usage and your exposure to areas which are vulnerable. But if you feel that you are exposed to the virus, then extra precaution should be taken and the mask should be disposed immediately.

4. Boil it in water

While it can be washed on a daily basis, once in a while you can boil it in water so it will be germ and virus free completely. It is recommended not to boil the masks in water more than ten times. For instance, the masks can be boiled at least once a week and not more than that.

Photo Credits: Pixabay