6 Ways to feel energetic throughout the day

Laziness and lethargy is a common phenomenon during the quarantine time but a few tricks can help to make you feel energetic


Many people in this quarantine period are working from home and most of them are complaining about being drowsy, tired and lethargic. However this can negatively impact the productivity and cannot even afford to sleep and have rest. One of the common reasons behind such lethargy is lack of sleep and can also lead to irritability, crankiness and daytime fatigue. Here are a few ways you can avoid being tired and feel energetic when it is time to work.

1. A glass of water on an empty stomach – The trick is NOT to hit the snooze button on the alarm clock, but to drink a glass of water instead. If you hit the snooze button, it can actually disrupt the entire day.

2. Avoid caffeinated drinks on empty stomach – Having caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee will give you a temporary boost but will put a bad effect on the stomach and make you prone to gas issues.

3. Stretches in the morning – If you are not in a mood to exercise, make sure that you at least do some stretches so your muscles are relieved of any stiffness. Stretching also helps to release endorphins and such hormones are much needed for good energy levels.

4. Legs up the wall – After you have finished stretching, lie down on a mat or a bed and straighten your legs against the wall to make a 90 degree of the body. This helps in better circulation and also improves the functioning of vital organs.

5. Water splash – If nothing is working then a cold water splash on the face shocks the nerves and also brightens up your face. It makes you feel better as well.

6. Solve a puzzle – You can also deviate your mind by solving puzzles like Sudoku that needs concentration. This helps the mind to have some stimulation and will surely make you more attentive and focused.

Photo Credits: Pixabay