Myths related to practicing yoga

Yoga has a number of benefits but comes with a few myths that need to be busted


Everyone is aware that Yoga is an ancient practice that not just helps in improving physical health but also helps to improve mental health. The actual meaning of yoga is when it helps to create the union of mind, body and soul. It is best for people who suffer from conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. While yoga is a great way to workout and exercise, there are many myths that are related to it and continue to be in the minds of many people. Here are a few myths that you should stop believing at once.

1. It is slow and boring – This is a very common myth, but there are also other forms of yoga like ashtanga vinyasa and power which are actually fast paced and need a lot of energy to perform. Such forms actually keep you on the toes and many times your energy might not be enough.

2. It is only about postures – Not many are aware that Yoga is not all about postures but is more of a cleansing technique that includes your body and mind. Some of the techniques like pranayama also known as Breathing, mudras or gestures, bandhas or physical locks or Dhyana also known as medication are different segments in yoga that not just helps the physical body but also takes care of the inner health.

3. It is only for young people and women – it can be done and performed by any one irrespective of age or gender. It has a number of benefits that are beneficial and anyone can practice it. Preferably it should be done under the guidance of a person who has received guidance.

4. It cannot be done by people who suffer from asthma – There are certain practices that come under yoga known as pranayama, which is a breathing exercise. Such a practice benefits to provide good amount of oxygen to reduce the effectiveness of the illness.

Photo Credits: Pixabay