Clothes to be avoided during the monsoon season

Monsoon can be a pain in the neck if you choose to wear the wrong clothes


Monsoon is a time when the humidity levels are high and there is a lot of moisture in the air. Rains can be unpredictable, but no matter what during the monsoon season you need to be prepared for the worst. In order to escape from any tricky situation, you can follow a few tips and avoid a few clothes and accessories during this season.

1. White outfits – White color looks great during the summer season and is also a great way to beat the heat. But monsoon is a time when you could be prone to splashes while outdoors. You do not want your white outfits to get messed up. You could end up having tough stains that could be hard to remove. It is a great idea to wear outfits which are dark in color.

2. Long or maxi outfits – The rain can strike anytime and you cannot run around in wet clothes, especially when they are long. It can be a mess to move around in a wet and a long outfit. Shorts, playsuits or short dresses are ideal for the monsoon season as you hardly get wet on the upper portion of the outfit when you have an umbrella.

3. Leather and suede – Outfits and accessories made of leather and suede not moisture friendly and could attract fungus. It is wise to keep such items away in a clean and dry place. These materials absorb moisture quickly and if they are not dried properly they could end up with fungus.

4. Georgettes and Chiffons – During the monsoon season, make sure that you wear clothes which are easy to dry. Materials like chiffons and georgettes can stick to the body and keep it damp for a longer time. It can make you sick and also spoil the material.

Make sure that you enjoy the monsoon with clothes which are comfortable and make you feel free.

Photo Credits: Pixabay