Paper bag Day – 4 Important reasons why paper bags should be used

Paper bags are environmental friendly and do not need much material or energy to process

paper bags

Paper bags are one of the best solutions to save the environment. The usage of plastic in recent times has increased, especially due to the pandemic. July 12 is observed as the Paper Bag Day to raise awareness about the ill effects of plastic on the environment and how it is also increasing the temperature and contributing towards global warming. Paper bags are made of recyclable material which can be recycled and are biodegradable. Here we will be discussing about why people should switch to usage of paper bags.

1. Does not promote deforestation – Gone are the days when paper was made after deforestation. But these days it is made of eco-friendly material including coconut husks, straw, sugarcane waste, elephant excreta and more. These are recyclable and also biodegradable which means that they do not harm the environment.

2. Paper bags degrade soon – Plastic can remain in the soil for more than 200 years. With bags they take just 6 years and most of the time it becomes a part of the fertile waste that can be used for vegetation.

3. They can be recycled – Paper bags are 100 percent recyclable and even the manufacturing does not cause any pollution. Plastic bags cannot be recycled and if it has to be then the process involves emission of poisonous gases in the environment. No matter what the environment has to be protected by reducing such poisonous emissions. They not just harm the environment but also leads to damaging the ozone layer.

4. Paper bags help to save energy – The manufacturing process of paper bags consumes less energy and is made out of material that is locally available. It helps to save on transportation cost and also saves energy. Transportation also consumes a lot of energy.

Tip: As far as possible when you go out for shopping carry your own shopping bag made of cloth. A number of shops these days encourage customers to carry their own bags.

Photo Credits:  Pixabay