5 Habits that can ruin your child’s dental health

Apart from physical health, parents need to address the dental health of their children and take it very seriously

dental health

Children are hardly aware of what is good and what is good and what is bad especially in their growing stages. As parents, they need to keep a watch on their health as well as their dental health. If dental hygiene and health are ignored, then it could lead to other more serious issues. Here we will be discussing a few habits of children which are otherwise common, but can ruin their dental health.

1. Thumb sucking – Yes, thumb sucking can indeed damage the teeth as well as the jaws. A number of children develop this habit, but for most of them it tends to be for a short phase only. Mothers need to keep a watch on their habit and need to help them to gradually get rid of the habit. Long term thumb sucking can be harmful for the kid.

2. Bottle feeding to bed – A number of children tend to fall asleep as they are bottle fed in the night or during the day time. A number of mothers feel that such a habit is harmless but such a habit can lead to decay of the front teeth. Bottles should be kept away during the night.

3. Absence of rinsing – Kids need to rinse their mouth every time they are having a meal or even a snack. It can also be a sweet but parents need to make sure that the kids rinse their mouth after they have a snack or bits and food particles can lead to tooth decay. Parents can help the children develop a habit of rinsing their mouth after every meal and snack.

4. Improper brushing technique – Improper or incomplete way of brushing teeth can lead to problems like cavities or plaque. Some kids also have a habit of swallowing tooth paste which is not good and could eventually be toxic for the child. Parents need to have a strict watch on their children while brushing.

Photo Credits: Pixabay