Foods that can shorten your lifespan

There are a number of foods that can potentially shorten your lifespan


A healthy lifestyle is directly linked to having a longer and disease free life. There are a number of foods that you might not realize but are detrimental for health.  A few simple choices in terms of diet and lifestyle can make a big difference. Here we will be looking in to the foods that could have a detrimental effect on your health and could potentially shorten your lifespan.

  1. Red Meat – Red meat is usually seen in hamburgers and steak and could be directly linked to the diseases like cancer and heart ailments. Instead of red meat you could replace them with substitutes like chicken or fish.
  2. Processed meat – A new research has shown that  intake of processed meat is directly linked to  a short lifespan. Research by the World Health Organization has shown that consumption of 50 grams of processed meat per day can increase  the risk of death by 34 percent.
  3. Sugary drinks – Sodas and sugary drinks that are available in the market contain unhealthy and empty calories that are detrimental towards health. Such foods can also cause tooth decay and obesity.  These drinks add to the overall calories that are consumed on an everyday basis. You can replace such drinks with a healthier option like green tea, water or flavored water.
  4. Deep fried foods – Fried foods have a lot of oil that could be dangerous for your health. You could opt for healthier options like grilled foods or foods that are air fried.
  5. Refined grains – Foods that are made from highly processed flour like bread and pasta could lead to weight gain and other health problems. You could opt for healthier alternatives like brown rice, millet, oats and quinoa.
  6. Processed foods – Processed food include frozen dinners, canned food, pre-packaged snacks and more. These contain preservatives and high salt and sugar content which are harmful for health and can cause cancer.

Note – It is OK to have the above foods once in a while and not on a regular basis.

Photo Credits: Unsplash