Reasons why coloring books should also be used by adults

Coloring books are not just for children, but it has its own benefits when used by adults

coloring books

Children love their coloring books and the reason behind it is the colors that they find attractive and they can spend hours doing the same thing. Not many are aware that coloring has calming effects on adults. Here we will be discussing about a few benefits of coloring books.

1. It has a calming effect –People who suffer from anxiety issues can try their hand in coloring books. A research was published in 2005 and found that it helped to reduce anxiety. A group of college students were asked to color a blank page or work on the circular pattern known as mandala. The study found that the students who colored the mandala felt less anxious than the people who colored a blank page.

2. Helps to improve focus – Experts have said that indulging in coloring activities helps to improved focus as it opens the frontal lobe, that controls problem solving and organizing. It helps to keep everything aside and live in the moment while generating focus.

3. Therapeutic effect – Art itself is known for having therapeutic effects and it includes coloring. The therapy of art helps people to express themselves better and also helps them to work on their mental well-being.

4. Wakes the inner artist – Coloring book for adults are different and contain intricate patterns and designs. Such patterns and designs help to bring out the creativity. It forces your mind to think about the colors to be used. It also allows the mind to be creative and think about the best color combinations that could be used.

5. Helps to have a better sleep – The electronic gadgets like your smartphone, laptop or your computer will not give you a mental break but a coloring book can certainly can. You can practice this before you go to bed. The blue light that is emitted from the gadgets disturb the sleep patterns and also puts a strain on the eyes.

Photo Credits: Pixabay