3 Ways to deal with the ‘no contact’ phase post break up

After a break up the toughest part is to forget the person you had given all the love you had

break up

A break-up after a fulfilling relationship can be very tough on the individuals who are going through it. It is mentally and emotionally a tough phase for the people who are involved and are forced towards the circumstances as they have no control over it. Post break-up there is a phase when it is important to remain apart without contacting each other, or it could become difficult for either of them to move on in life. Here we will be discussing about a few ways to go through the ‘no contact’ phase in a relationship after break-up.

1. Confide in a person you can trust and speak to – Get in touch with a person who has known you for a while and has also known about your relationship and can understand your situation. This is a person you could talk to when you are in that phase where you are having the urge to make that one call that could ruin things. This is the person who can prevent you from taking that step and help you to go through the phase and make things easy. You could also spend more time with the person who could be a close friend and do things to distract you.

2. Change the surroundings – There are times when you just need to have a change of place to break the monotony and give your mind that space to breathe and make things easy for the mind to accept things as it comes. It makes a big difference as the new environment will distract your mind and ease your anxieties. This is also the time when you would get the confidence to make fresh beginnings.

3. Do not hesitate to grieve – Grieving is another way to allow the emotions to flow out and free yourself from the emotions that you have been holding back. Holding back things will only make things worse and make you feel uneasy. Set yourself free.

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